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Pen of the Damned

Beast of Winter by Brian Moreland, Pen of the Damned

Reblogging, but not in any order – just sharing the love. Brian Moreland is one of the newest members of Pen of the Damned. As such, I haven’t had much of a chance to get to know him yet, but if this story is any indication of how twisted his mind is, we shall get along famously! Manitou Forest, Manitoba, Canada A damn good ...continue

My Watcher by Nina D’Arcangela @WiHMonth @Sotet_Angyal #WiHM8 | Sotet Angyal

My Watcher, by Nina D’Arcangela My Watcher My watcher gazes upon me, great despair and longing seeping through her gently fluttering lashes. She lives a life of torment, a life filled with a depth of pain and depravity that rival… Source: My Watcher by Nina D’Arcangela @WiHMonth @Sotet_Angyal #WiHM8 | Sotet Angyal...continue

Reblog – Place of Beauty, Joseph A. Pinto

I’ve been away from the blog for a while, but it’s time to show a little love to the rest of my #Damned family. Check out the latest from Pen of the Damned’s Joseph Pinto   In shards the morning broke, shattering high, high above the gunshot reports, the torches, the thick plumes of smoke. She watched them fall like black drops of rain ...continue

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