Cubicle Wars – The Chronicle

This is an endeavor to accurately portray work life and the war that is being waged under our very noses. It is the battle between the “common sense” based organic life forms and the aliens who have invaded the minds of the witless and the unknowing.

The war rages on each and every day while we all fight to keep from becoming one of the mindless zombie office-things that wander the halls, eating with open mouths, picking things that aught not be picked in public and laughing in strange and painful gusts while standing at the water cooler or coffee machine.

I stand before you today, not as an co-worker, but as a battle hardened General, covered in trench mud, ink and food stains and I am telling you this story.

If you have ever fallen asleep at your desk or doodled a picture of your boss in a ballet too too while ‘reviewing’ a financial report, then you are part of this war. If you have ever dreamed of falling down a flight of stairs to avoid a monthly meeting or to get a little extra vacation time, then you are part of is war. If you have ever decided to drink at lunch because it was Monday… You get where this is going.

This is Cubicle Wars – The Chronicle

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