I am a creator of worlds; destroyer of people’s lives, and yes, I sleep well at night…mostly

Well this is the place where most people extol the virtues of their own awesomeness or their prowess at selling the next great piece of artwork. If you are a writer, or know a writer, you are aware that spilling the beans out yourself is like have dental work done without Novocaine.

I write, but hardly ever about myself. I write about others.

I have been writing for more years than I can remember and live to write every single day no matter how much or how little. I love my craft with a passion, but sometimes I despise it as well. The love/hate relationship I have with my craft is equal parts need and requirement. I am a junkie for writing and words and well… the list of massive.

I write for purpose, for pleasure, for fun.

Standing before you is a man or woman of the most exquisite beauty and perfection; they want only one thing. A single thought invades your mind. They are singularly focused on seducing you with such force as to leave you without strength. Your first kiss will be heaven, your second will be full of fire and glory and the things romance novels are made of.

The first touch is pure ecstasy and every touch thereafter pales in comparison, yet you strive to reproduce that same drug inducing high. You fight to find that feeling again and again with this person as if your very life depended on it. The struggle against them with a yearning that you know can never be fulfilled but you try with your very being to meet those wanton feelings. The lust between the two of you is equal or greater to that with which the god of yore must have felt when creating all things.

That is the passion that drives me to write. It sustains my carnal cravings and keeps my most intimate and devious of secrets, always threatening to tell someone… or more to the point, to show someone where the bones are buried through this darkened mansion.

I can make your wildest dreams come true or the most unbelievable events happen to your best friend and if the mood strikes I can even be your own personal hell.

I am a writer. A creator of worlds and a destroyer of people’s lives, and yes, I sleep well at night…mostly

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